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Choosing The Right Tenant

We will only place tenants in your home that we would have in our own home!


We understand the importance of finding the right tenant for your property to let. That's why we'll only place people who we believe will make good tenants into your property. Our letting agents have over 24 years’ experience in helping landlords find the right tenants for their properties. We will do everything in our power to ensure that we find reliable tenants who will pay their rent on time and look after your home, putting your mind at ease.


Tenants Guarantors


We were one of the first agents to introduce guarantors for all of our tenants. We found that often if tenants are late it is best to have a guarantor who will pay their rent if they do not. The guarantor is often the tenants’ parents and having a guarantor is a very prudent step. Many letting agents still don't provide this service.

Find out more on how we can help you find the ideal tenant for your property. After all, we’ve been helping landlords in Brighton and the surrounding Sussex area find the ideal tenants for their properties for over 24 years.

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